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Aero Bar Fitness Exercise Oscillating Shaker

Aero Bar Fitness Exercise Oscillating Shaker


Builds Abs. Increases your Core and Shoulder Strength

See how Aerobar compares with Body Blade. Want to throw farther? Hit the ball harder? Get core muscle tone in half the time? Do what Vince Young does. Just shake the Aerobar in a rhythmic pattern and feel it excite your core. Your abs, back, arms & shoulders will gain new levels of strength and stability - all in one easy workout. It's the perfect cardio tool to firm and tone your muscles. The resistance increases as you shake it harder.

  • For added benefits, use it on a Jumpsoles Proprioceptors or Swiss Ball Stability Ball.
  • Aerobar is 4 ft long and weighs 2 lbs.
  • Built to last: lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with instructional video.


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