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Squat Flex Vertical Jump Building Platform

Squat Flex Vertical Jump Building Platform

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FACT: the average dunker can lift 7 bands on each side once (420 lbs). As a minimum, YOU MUST HAVE THAT LEVEL of leg strength to dunk. Squatflex takes the mystery out of jump training. Keep increasing resistance until you can lift 7 or more bands per side. When you reach that point you'll have the necessary leg strength to jump much higher that what you can jump now. Squatflex works on the principle of Jump Quotient: The more weight you can squat, the higher you can jump. Studies have shown a solid correlation between the amount you can squat and your vertical jump. Of all the muscles in your body, the quads contribute the most force to getting you off the ground. To develop the quads, no other device on the market comes close to offering the awesome 600 lbs of
resistance you can get with the Squat Flex.

Using giant flat rubber bands and a solid anchoring system, Squatflex lets you wrap layer upon layer of rubber band to "gang" them up to incredibly high poundage / resistance levels. Follow the included workout program designed to steadily increase your
max. When you've reached a Jump Quotient of 2 or better, you'll have the explosive leg power that all dunkers have in common.

I am a 50 year old man who continues to workout hard and plays basketball twice a week at a local club in Bakersfield, California against guys in there 20's. The Squatflex squat machine has allowed me to increase my vertical jump dramatically in just three Months.
The workout is short and easy and every time you use it you can feel every muscle in your upper leg being worked. I can now out jump and out muscle much younger
guys for rebounds that I never had a chance at before. When I jump I can feel the spring in my legs that I haven't felt in 20 years even though I have continued to workout regularly over that time period. Traditional workouts never brought these kind of results. On my 50th birthday in August all the birthday cards I received from my hoop buddies all had the same motto,"I sure hope I still have that kind of spring in my legs when I turn 50." My daughter Alyssa also make's it a part of her regular workout routine and her Club Volleyball Team won the Reno National Volleyball Tournament this year. Her coach asked me to set up a regular workout for the whole team based on Alyssa's progress. This easy to use machine really produces results. At 50 years old I am living proof.

- S.M. Carr

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