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Tennis Cam Action Camera & Fence Mount

Tennis Cam Action Camera & Fence Mount


Select from dropdown menu the $27 monthly rental, or $169 purchase.

Tennis Cam lets you record your play and improve your game. It's your own tennis video analysis. Review your strategy, shot placement, stroke mechanics Takes super clear high definition HD footage. Hooks easily onto the fence at eye level. No pole or ladder needed. Mirror lets you frame the court perfectly Super wide angle lens captures the entire court Battery life: 2.5 hour capacity. Includes 16 GB micro SD memory card. Want to improve your game? Then watch film. The #1 reason why you don't improve : You don't keep track. You don't keep track of mistakes you make, nor do you keep track of good shots you make. Make your valuable playing time count. Experience is the best teacher. Take note of patterns of play that generate points, Analyze your stroke, Also watch your opponent's good shots and copy them. Tennis Cam. Add to Cart now!

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